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Usage of Kiimo

What is Kiimo?

KIIMO is Inner city logistic Marketplace, which uses people Mobility to deliver items within your daily walking route.

KIIMO is a public benefit corporation aim to present on demand delivery marketplace where kiimsters meets the offers for deliveries into intra urban areas from busy professionals, tech savvy 24-35 years old people and retired people in a way where technology meets experience throughout the whole spin of processes where we are the only one solving point to multipoint delivery with our unique platform solution. Kiimo app is the first cheap environmental friendly marketplace for crowd-sourced local package multipoint deliveries, which will deliver simple check based experience, that’s is powered by bots and machinery not dispatchers and paperwork as you can make your parcel delivery in seconds, and do it all with several swipes. It’s a new way of doing business which is less conflicted and more personal and experience based.

How works Kiimo?

We are developing an on demand last mile delivery marketplace called KIIMO.

You are in the middle of something and need an item right away. You open the KIIMO app and submit an offer that includes price and timeframe. KIIMO members located within 2km receive your offer and show interest. You select the preferred member and accept their interest. Your item gets delivered and you can use the KIIMO app to communicate throughout the process. Get your parcel or mail to your doorstep in seconds. Both the senders and delivers will benefit by joining KIIMO. Benefits for senders will be cheap local Same-hour and quick deliveries. Personalized deliveries. Don’t pollute the air in your neighborhood.Benefits for delivers:Make money while getting an exercise. Use your free time to make money close to home.Keep the air in your neighborhood clean by replacing delivery vehicles.

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